Damage Waiver

When hiring from OnTrak Rentals Pty Ltd, the client is responsible for the condition and safekeeping of the equipment and may be liable for any equipment which is lost, stolen, damaged or damaged beyond repair during the hire period. The Damage Waiver is provided to reduce a client’s financial liability during their hire of equipment from OnTrak Rentals Pty Ltd.

Financial liability refers to loss or damage related charges which could equal up to the new replacement value of the hire equipment, salvage costs & hire charges incurred during repair/replacement if the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.

Some examples of when Damage Waiver Protection is required:

  • If you have not budgeted for unexpected damage to the hire equipment.

  • If you do not have appropriate insurance with OnTrak Rentals Pty Ltd listed as an interested party.

  • If your insurance policy does not cover hired in equipment.

Unless you are advised otherwise in writing by OnTrak Rentals Pty Ltd, the damage waiver is compulsory when hiring equipment and/or establishing an account with OnTrak Rentals Pty Ltd and will automatically be applied to all equipment hired.

What does Damage Waiver cover? *

Loss or damage to hire equipment caused by collision, fire, storm, accident, earthquake or theft.

Some liability not covered by Damage Waiver: *

  • Damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the equipment, negligent acts or omissions of the client, failing to maintain the equipment or improper servicing or during transport including loading / unloading.

  • Damage to tools, tyres, tracks, hoses, electrical cords, glass or other parts and accessories including all ground engaging tools.

  • Loss or damage resulting from a breach of any of the terms of the hire agreement including failing to protect the equipment from theft, loss or damage.

  • Multiple incidents.

Damage Waiver Cover is not insurance or a substitute for insurance. It is a non-refundable fee of 10% of the hire charges for the equipment and billed on the equipment hire invoice in addition to your hire charges. The Damage Waiver has an excess of $2500 or 10% of the repair or replacement cost, whichever is the greater.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please see our full terms and conditions of hire for full details.